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  • Kevin van Ingen

    Kevin van Ingen

    Software delivery and cloud enthousiast

  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    Data Engineer, M.Sc. in BI, AWS Certified Solution Architect: www.annageller.com. Get my articles via email: https://annageller.medium.com/subscribe

  • Bram Buysschaert

    Bram Buysschaert



  • Frederik De Ceuster

    Frederik De Ceuster


  • ODSC - Open Data Science

    ODSC - Open Data Science

    Our passion is bringing thousands of the best and brightest data scientists together under one roof for an incredible learning and networking experience.

  • John Gilbert

    John Gilbert

    Author, CTO, Full-Stack Cloud-Native Architect, Serverless-First Advocate

  • Tylor Borgeson

    Tylor Borgeson

    Full Stack Software Dev interested in Machine Learning, AI, Infrastructure, DevOps and Agile. Aspiring Wine Sommelier. Runner of long distances

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